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tomkilprattFrom: Dr. Tom Kilpratt, MD
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My name is Dr. Tom Kilpratt, MD. I am a medical doctor, a pediatrician to be exact, at a children’s hospital in my hometown, and have been in my practice for roughly 15 years. Being a doctor, unfortunately, does not make us “superhumans,” nor does it mean we can treat or cure everything. We are indeed humans and suffer and fall victim to the same ills which people who are not in the medical field suffer.

About 10 years ago, I started suffering problems with my sciatic nerve. I noticed a slight sensation one day while working at the gym, not exactly knowing that it was sciatica, as the sensation wasn’t clearly centralized.

While the irritations started of very mild, they eventually progressed so bad, that I nearly needed a crutch to hobble around on like Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol.”

I am so glad that you are reading this, because I am going to share with you how I cured my problem with sciatica in 11 days, and have not had a recurrence of the symptoms yet – for 3 years.

“The Common Solution – The Chiropractor – Didn’t Work”

Once everything became a little too unbearable, I finally decided to see my friend Dave, who is a chiropractor. Luckily, I know him, so I didn’t need to pay $75-$100 per visit, like some of you may, as a lot of insurance providers DO NOT cover chiropractors.

I did everything I could, working with Dave, and I followed all instructions. Nothing worked, and the sciatica symptoms were getting worse. I eventually just stopped visiting with Dave as I thought that I was fighting a losing battle with sciatica, and I figured, after 30 years old everything starts falling apart(as my mother once told me), so I concluded that I was “stuck” with this bothersome problem with my sciatic nerve the rest of my life. This truly frustrated me, and I was determined to beat this — they always say, mind over matter! I erroneously made myself believe that the more I exercise, it will go away eventually and correct itself — boy, was that a mistake.

“I Tried To Lose Weight As Recommended – Didn’t Work Either”

Although I never considered myself overweight because I worked out fairly regularly, I was probably carrying about 10-15 pounds more at that time than I should have been. When discussing with some of my other doctor friends about the struggles I was having, about 3 or 4 of them suggested that I lose weight, as that commonly solves this problem.

I intensified the workouts. I ate smaller quantities, drank a lot of water, and after 1 1/2 months of doing this lost close to 10 pounds — but absolutely no relief in my symptoms.

I felt as though I was wasting all my time fighting this horrible problem, and should just surrender to it and accept it.

“But I Decided To Give It Another Shot With Something New And From An Entirely Different Angle”

One day, I got home and sat at the computer. I never thought of searching the internet for any type of solutions to this sciatica problem. I guess I figured since I counteract with other doctors, nurses, and chiropractors on a daily basis, they should have the answer — or at least one of them would.

Wrong Again!

book 200 px PNGSo I typed “sciatic nerve remedies” into Google and found a website that I believe I owe my life to:  Sciatica SOS. The website offers a free video that outlines a 100% guaranteed plan to cure sciatica problems within 7 days, using only 8 minutes a day to use their system.

Although I was initially skeptical of its claims, I figured it might be worth a try. After all, it WAS 100% GUARANTEED to work or your money back, and I was relatively comfortable with the affordable price and quality layout and knowledge of the subject on the website — it seemed as if they were describing myself.

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“I Decided To Take Action And Control Sciatica Instead Of Letting Sciatica Controlling Me”

I decided the next day to give this a shot. After all, all I had to lose was guaranteed relief of a 10 year battle. After all the money I had spent on professional massages, pain and nerve pills, and other such things such as the chiropractors I didn’t know, this was nothing. I figure I dropped nearly $3,000 over the past years trying to beat this horrible sciatic nerve problem in pain pills and doctor visits.

Plus, I have never heard of any doctor giving you your money back if their treatment didn’t work(even myself), so I had nothing to lose. I figured if it’s guaranteed for 60 days or your money back, that roughly makes it $0.60 cents a day to try it — what the hell, right? I’ll do ANYTHING to live free from this condition, JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO — PLEASE!

I downloaded and read the eBook as directed and followed all of the instructions accordingly. The next day, I put my first 8 minutes of the plan into action. While I was not cured or anything right then and there, I was feeling something going on down there — what it was is hard to put into words — a tingly feeling — but not the sciatica tingly feeling.

After the 7th day, I experienced a marked level of improvement, but was not cured as promised. While I was disappointed that I was not cured in 7 days as promised, I nevertheless was happy that my symptoms had returned to the level that they were at 10 years ago when they started. As directed by the eBook, I continued on with the 8 minutes a day program to keep it up and find the cure. Then, Guess what?


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Now, this isn’t something that once you find the relief you stop it — to the contrary. You keep doing this for a while after you experience relief to “lock in” the remedy or treatment. If you do stop once you achieve success, it will go away;  just continue on with the 8 minutes a day strategy and all will be well.


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“Why Do I Recommend This Sciatica Treatment System”

Quite simply, this was the only treatment I tried which showed any type of relief for my sciatic nerve problems. It basically came down to one question: Should I try this and be healed of my sciatica problems once and for all, or should I refuse to try this product, blow it off and complain about my sciatic nerve pain — and eventually allow sciatica to control my life and limit all that I wanted to do?

I obviously chose to give this a shot, and it was the best decision I have ever made. After continuing for about 4 months with the treatment, all signs and symptoms disappeared and I finally had my life back. My struggle had ended, my limitations and boundaries were torn down, and I was finally free again.

Now it is your turn — I beckon you to try this product out as everyone I have recommended this to who I encounter has found fast success with it.

Again, now is the time to try and take your life back and refuse to let sciatica distract or control you.


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Thank you for letting me share my story, and good luck in all your endeavors!

My signature below is my testimony that this system can work for you!

To your success in beating sciatica,


Dr. Tom Kilpratt


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